As I mentioned in my last post that going global is really advantageous for companies, but still not every company becomes successful. As we know, even companies like Wal-mark have failed in some countries in the past. Let me try to write down few things I think companies should consider before going global:

Opportunity: Company should look at the present and future opportunities in the country they want to go to. Not only opportunities offered in the destination country, but opportunities existing in the specific area of interest. Opportunity need to be evaluated thoroughly before making any decision.

Company Objective: The move to another country should be aligned with the company’s vision. If there is any misalignment and decision was made for just financial gain purposes may not be good for the company and its employees in long run.

Resources: Company need to have adequate skills and capabilities to make this move.

Cultural Sensitivity: Something works in a certain way in one country and in another way in different country. Company need to be culturally sensitive to be a successful company in another country.

Even though big size companies do all the above mentioned things, but still they fail many a times. I feel only way to success is to keep doing good, learn and move forward.